Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Damarukam Movie Online Watch

Damarukam movie has finally hit the silver screen. There was more than a year of dealy, all Nagarjuna’s fans was waiting for this movie. There was much hype and expectations prior to its release just by seeing its rich graphics and terrific visual effects.

Damarukam movie got released as a socio fantasy movie on the silver screen. The story is all about the common man who tries to save the world by fighting against the demons with the help of Lord Shiva. Hero Nagarjuna falls in love with Heroin Anushka, on other end villain tries to kill heroin to gain control over panchabhutas which represent air, water, fire, land and sky.

Story, picturisation, graphics and direction by Srinivasa Reddy was super. Whether you take costumes or art work or any other altogether it was wonderful.

On one side it was projecting mythical story by showing lord Shiva and other mythical objects and scenes, director also tried to show romantic angle by extraordinary performance of beautiful Anushka. Because of its production values and graphics, curiosity among audience rise to sky.

When it comes to audio, Devi Sri Prasad rocked the music world with the item song “Chai garm chai” along with melody songs “Nestama nestama”. Apart from this music end digital mixing to graphics gave new life to the movie.

VFX effect in the second part of the Damarukam movie was extraordinary. Overall its worth spending money and a perfect entertainment movie.

Click the below link to watch full movie

Watch Damarukam Movie Online 

Note: The below video is just trailer

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